Time, she is a-dragging.

Every few days I check my ‘Days Until’ iphone app, and once we dipped below 100 days, I anticipated things speeding up somewhat.  What with the end of school quickly approaching, knowing we would be packing and moving somewhere around then, and just that general whirlwind that seems to accompany these HIGHLY anticipated events.

I looked at it this morning. We still have more than 60 days to go. I may cry.

Last week I picked up my wedding gown.  I shimmied into it in the dressing room, and as my salesperson was doing up the back she began asking about wedding plans. I’m sure I drove her crazy as I blithely waved her detailed questions away.  How is it coming? It’s done!

Shoes? Veil? Bridesmaids dresses?

No…that stuff still needs to be figured out. But I winked at her in the mirror over a pile of satin and sparkle and assured her that it would all get taken care of in plenty of time.

She clucked anxiously, and I couldn’t help but laugh.  It’s not about the details. It’s not about the shoes or the (intentional lack of a) veil.  It’s about holding the hand of my 7 year old son and walking into the butterfly garden at sunset this summer, surrounded by our family, friends, and children as we begin our life together.

It’s about packing up my house and his apartment and unpacking a few days after we return from our honeymoon, to our house.

It’s about the rest of our summer stretching out before us, with swimming and fishing and exploring our neighborhood to keep us busy. Settling into our new normal, with school and activities, my busiest time of year, the holidays…and knowing that never again will we have to say goodnight from separate residences.  That the person I kiss goodnight will be there to wake me in the morning.  That our lives will finally, truly begin.  That the impossible DID actually happen.

So these next 60+ days can go ahead and hurry up…there’s a celebration to be had, and a honeymoon to take, and a move to survive.  But then there’s the rest of our lives to live.

I’d like to go to there.

But I guess I should go ahead and find shoes.