Weintribe began as a place to document our adoption journey in 2008.  We welcomed our baby girl home during that same year, and have been blessed with an open adoption and ongoing contact with her biological family.  Coco’s birthfamily has become an extension of our own, and we are pleased to be able to show how our open adoption works for us through the entries in this blog.

Recently, our family has changed even more, and we are now post-divorce and newly engaged (wedding date this summer!), with a trio of step-siblings to add to the mix.

This blog has morphed from open adoption to divorce to single parenthood to dating, and now documents as we navigate all of the above PLUS the upcoming blending of our brood.  Things don’t always go as planned, but we are grateful for the silver lining that continues to shine through it all.


We love our open adoption and can not imagine it any other way. This blog exists to document our adoption journey, the love that exists within our family, and the issues that we and our children face as a result of our adoption, divorce, single parenthood, and life thereafter. Please help us keep this focus through your thoughtful and respectful commentary.

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